new! JosieGladysGardens is Expanding into Pages!

New! JosieGladysGardens is Expanding into Pages! Okay, so it's just one page besides the home page so far. :) Check out the PAGES link below. This is where photos of the garden's harvest are served up. Coming (eventually) will be a recipes page. Of course, you can also get recipes at under Food Preservation.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Vegetable Seeds

JosieGladysGardens is giving free vegetable seeds to encourage home gardening. There is no charge and there are no strings attached. The seeds will more than likely be open-pollinated varieties, which means that you can save seed for the next season for your own garden and maybe to share.

Go to to get the specifics. Then go to to make your request. Seed requests will be filled in order of request.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site!! I like watching your gardening spots on Fox6 too. Keep up the good works...

frediaoliver said...

I am so glad I saw u and am learning more each time I go to your site.My mouth is watering hearing of all the different tomatoes and other interesting veggies.I like you, feel I am passing on what my parents & grandparents taught me.These are the best of teachers as they did it as a survival & necessity. Each of us can certainly do our part.You are extending and I commend you for caring,taking the time,and your desire to fullfill the promise of your sweet,precious grandmother.Please keep up the great work you are doing and I simply LOVE the seed idea and how u send them :)